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            We are the advocate of lecithin, engaged in phospholipid sales and once was the workers of LUCAS MEYER.

    Due to the family reason, LUCAS MEYER was sold. As a phospholipid lovers, we feel it is necessary to restore the leadership of LUCAS MEYER in phospholipids.

    So, we re-registered LUCAS MEYER in the year of 2013 and its trade mark “The Lecithin People”

    Lucas Meyer was founded in 1923,was the earliest lecithin production enterprise. Its head office was situated near Mein in Hamburg, Germany. It had have over 100 years of experience in researching LECITHIN. It had 6 factories in Europe, also factory in USA and Brazil. It was known as “The Lecithin People” by clients all over the world. One third of its employees were dedicated in research and application development, making LUCAS MEYER the competent partner in the Lecithin industry.

    We will serving customers around the world with better quality products and service based on our century old technology.