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            I Produce Lecithin

    Lucas Meyer,the lecithin people, is a expert focus on lecithin.The company supplies ingredients to the food, beverage, pharmaceutical,cosmetic industry and feedstuffs as well as for non-food applications.

    Identify Preservation program lecithin

    Lucas Meyer’s IP Lecithin is of conventional, NON GMO origin.This is backed by analytic testing along the whole production and logistic chain.

    Lucas Meyer IP Lecithin is produced from conventional harvests, which are NOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED. The quantities supplied by the producers come exclusively from certified plant. Cultivation is monitored and controlled by the plant. There are procedures in place to ensure all reasonable steps have been taken to avoid contamination of the soybeans during harvest, processing and transport to the plant, warehouse and customers.

    Lucas Meyer IP Lecithin has full documentation and traceability on the origin of seeds, storage, transportation and processing of raw materials, intermediates and finished lecithin products.